Lightweight, easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK for EPUB readers development

About epuBear SDK

Cross-platform close Core of epuBear SDK provides the following basic functionality:


  • Full compatibility with EPUB2 and partially with EPUB3
  • Open, unpack and parse EPUB document
  • Read EPUB document from file and from memory (byte array)
  • Get EPUB document info
  • Render pages to bitmaps
  • Global language support


  • Go to Page
  • Go to Chapter
  • Open Link
  • Change Font Size
  • Switch to DoublePage Mode
  • Switch to Night Mode
  • Bookmarks
  • Text Search
  • Select Text
  • Change Text Color
  • Change Background Color
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Set Custom Fonts
  • Open Image in a Separate Window
  • Vertical and Right-to-Left Writing

This set of features will be available to you right after the purchase. Even though this may seem like all boxes are ticked at first, please feel free to let us know if you consider adding extra features, like DRM that could be a good fit for your product. As our primary activity is software development, we'd like to provide you with native customization and maintenance.

How to use

This EPUB SDK is a C++ solution and we prepared native wrappers in Java (Android), Swift (iOS) and C# (Xamarin) for our EPUB toolkit to be compatible with your project. The code of the wrappers acts as a proxy between the native code and the core.

/*  Initialization  */

import com.epubear.EpubearFramework;

public class EpubearView extends View implements EpubearFramework.EventListener {

    private EpubearFramework epubear;
    private Map bitmaps;

    public EpubearView(Context context) {
        //  create instance
        epubear = new EpubearFramework(context, dataDir);

    public void onSizeChanged(int w, int h, int oldw, int oldh) {
        //  init framework with target width/height
        epubear.updateBitmapSize(w, h);

    public void doInitDisplay() {
        //  create bitmaps
        //  register them in framework
        for (Map.Entry entry : bitmaps.entrySet())
            epubear.registerBitmap(entry.getKey(), bitmap.getValue());

/*  Navigation  */

//  open epub

//  go to next page

//  go to previous page

//  get Table of Contents
Map tocList = epubear.tableOfContents();

//  open chapter from table of contents

//  font increase

//  font increase
// Framework initialization and book opening, if book cannot be opened returns nil
// BookViewController.swift

override func viewWillAppear(animated: Bool) {
    frameworkInstance = EPUBearFramework(bookPath: self.bookPath, withCachePath: self.cachePath)

override func viewDidLayoutSubviews() {
    let scale = UIScreen.mainScreen().scale;
    let scaledSize = CGSize(width: view.bounds.size.width * scale, height: view.bounds.size.height * scale)

// Bitmaps getters

// Navigation through book

// Navigation through chapters

// Change font size
// BookViewController.cs

private EPUBearFramework _framework;

public override void ViewDidLoad()

    var bookPath = (Element as BookPage).BookPath;
    var cachePath = (Element as BookPage).CachePath;

    _framework = new EPUBearFramework(bookPath, cachePath);
    _framework.WeakDelegate = this; // to handle framework callbacks

public override void ViewDidLayoutSubviews()
    var viewSize = View.Bounds.Size;
    var scale = UIScreen.MainScreen.Scale;
    var scaledSize = new CGSize(viewSize.Width * scale, viewSize.Height * scale);

// Book Navigation

// Change font size

// Way to access rendered pages as CGImage objects
var pages = new CGImage[3];
pages[0] = _framework.LeftImage;
pages[1] = _framework.CenterImage;
pages[2] = _framework.RightImage;

// Way to check first && last pages

// Way to change night\normal mode

// Framework delegate methods
Coming soon

epuBear Demo Reader

Our epuBear Reader acts as a standalone reader for books in EPUB format with no ads and no limitations in functionality. It is based on epuBear SDK developed by Scand. Besides, the apps show the benchmark report of epuBear performance.

epuBear Demo Reader Features:

  • Compatibility with EPUB 2 format
  • Navigation through pages, chapters, bookmarks, and links
  • Night mode
  • Text search
  • Audio and Video support


  • 1 Binary Licence
  • 1 Application
  • 1 Mobile Platform
  • 1 Year of support

    Total Price: $0

    Once you realize that you want to have some additional functionality, please, let us know by filling out the contact form below. We could help
    you to build your individual EPUB reader based on epuBear SDK. Just describe your needs and our manager will contact you to clarify all the details.

    Thank you for placing an order! Our team appreciates your time and we will reach you as soon as possible.

    Custom Solution

    There is also a possibility to compile a custom e-publishing solution from the already predefined components like Epubear SDK, Epub Cloud, Epub Viewer, Text Reader, Page Curl, Epub Media, Crypto Gateway, or you can request a full functional DRM system.